Who We Are:

Training Ground (TG) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established to provide life skills to children in the Nashville Area ranging in age from 6-18. At TG, we teach our kids the importance of what we deem as the SHIPS- Scholarship, Sportsmanship, Citizenship, Partnership, and Championship. We firmly believe that these tenants create the foundation of a model and productive young person. Our distinction in the community is overwhelming in that we do not accept individuals; we accept families into our program! At TG, we believe that a community of inclusion is compulsory for it to thrive.

Hence our MOTTO, Training Kids for Life!


TG's Mission is to teach, develop, and motivate its participants to dedicate them to self-improvement. This will be achieved through hard-work, dedication, perseverance, and discipline. TG will focus on the development of SPEED, QUICKNESS, EXPLOSION, and all the other relevant movements involved in running. You do not have to be fast to be good, you have to work hard!